Green technologies

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Efficient lifting strategy

Recycling facilities

Low water consumption

Natural materials

Acoustic comfort

Cycling infrastructure

Corridor and staircase lighting based on motion sensors

Energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

br /br /br /span class=header1Green is not only a color. Green, first of all, stands for the environment, which must be taken care of. /spanbr /br /Even from the initial phases of designing and erecting office buildings, we remember about protecting and minimizing the negative impact on nature. In an age of highly developed civilization, each one of us is responsible for the environment surrounding us. That’s why we supply tools to facilitate the conscious use of natural resources. It’s enough to just use them well. Let’s remember that using less water and energy generates savings, and waste segregation and recycling is the natural order of things. Every modern company wants to be socially responsible and aims at sustainable development. Green solutions in our office buildings creates advantages for every lessee.